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Are you ready for greater access to

fiber-based Internet in Graves County?

We are using this website to gauge interest in a fiber network for portions of Graves County not 
currently served by fiber. Please use this form and let us know your interest!


Why fiber?

The Graves County Fiscal Court understands that fiber plays a vital role in the development of
our county. From economic development and small business growth to education and health
care, fiber is the key to helping our citizens stay competitive and enjoy a higher standard of
Not all areas of Graves County have such service, and we believe that should change.
Fiber is an important part of our future, and we want to see all of our citizens have the
opportunity to connect to a fiber network. This website will help us determine where the
interest lies in our county, and if such a project is feasible.

What can I do?

First, fill out the form, and your name will be added to a list of those interested in fiber
Internet service. Next, encourage your neighbors and family members in Graves County to do the
same. Talk with them about this upgrade and help raise interest, enthusiasm and support for the
project. This is an exciting time in the life of Graves County. Be part of this story and register
your interest today!

How would the Graves County

government make this happen?

Building and operating a fiber network requires a tremendous amount of work, expense and
expertise. We are exploring an opportunity to partner with WK&T Telecommunications. This
Mayfield-based cooperative successfully took on one of the largest fiber network construction
projects in the country and brought advanced fiber services to thousands of our citizens.
WK&T would be an ideal partner in extending such service throughout Graves County.


What are the benefits of fiber?

Fiber means a faster connection than basic Internet service. It provides truly unlimited access
and allows households to run multiple high-bandwidth devices at the same time. Your spouse
can be streaming movies on the TV while you upload all of your vacation photos to your favorite
photo-sharing site — all while the kids are connected with friends on their gaming devices. You
can do this, and more, simultaneously — all with no effect on speed or the quality of your HD
movie stream.
Beyond the home, fiber can connect businesses, industrial parks, hospitals, physician offices,
schools, libraries, government agencies and more, giving the public greater access to high
levels of service through advanced technology.

Does fiber impact home values?

According to the Fiber to the Home Council, adding a fiber connection increases a home’s value
by up to $7,000.

Zones Being Studied

Areas where new fiber optic services are being studied

Share this with your neighbors!

2:58pm April 18, 2016

With any major community project, citizen involvement is often the most important element.  That is no different with the Graves County Fiber Initiative. Before an undertaking of this scope and size can even get off the ground, the assessment of need has to be determined and strongly considered.  That is the very reason this site was created to begin with.

And since the launch of this site, many of you have come to the table and said your current broadband service is not adequate to serve you and your family's needs.  We are very thankful to have heard from so many of you.  There are hundreds still out there that probably feel the same way as you.  The problem is, we haven't heard from them yet, and we really need to if we hope to see this project become a reality. 

That's where you come in.  Keep in mind, there is no advertising budget to help get the word out.  There aren't any other petitions floating around either.   There is simply this site and the people that know about it.  More specifically, the people that feel strongly Graves County needs fast, reliable broadband in areas that is currently underserved.  If that's you, will you make an effort to share this site with people you know feel the same way?  That is the only way fiber will expand in our county. 

Set a personal goal of sharing this information with at least three people this week that might not yet know about this site.  Encourage them to get involved with the future of our county, and the promise of a fiber-based broadband service that will keep us connected with the rest of the world.  Together we can make a real difference.

Join the Conversation

8:34am March 31, 2016

The response so far has been great.  As of this morning, we are nearing 200 backers already, which is more than expected this early in the process.   A special thanks goes out to everyone that has got involved so far. 

If you notice, at the top of the page, there is a comments section.  We would love to hear how strongly some of you feel about the potential of an expansion of fiber in Graves County.  The more discussion we have, the better we can gauge the pulse of our community as we continue to explore the prospects of this project. 

Thanks again for getting involved and being heard! 

Your Feedback is Important

2:03pm March 28, 2016

The Graves County Fiscal Court recognizes there is some limitation to Internet connectivity in portions of Graves County. Residents and business owners have helped us to understand the need to explore the feasibility of working with WK&T to expand their fiber optic infrastructure to these outlying areas.

The Fiscal Court members and WK&T have been working together over the past few months to explore this feasibility. Through this collaboration, we have established this website to gather information. By answering the questions and submitting your information, we will better understand the current capacity and the future needs for broadband connectivity. As our business partners in Graves County, and certainly users of the service, we see you as critical stakeholders in this effort. We greatly value your input into this process.

Thanks for your involvement!

9:23am March 28, 2016

If you're here, you must be interested in fiber for Graves County.  Thank you for your interest.  Be sure to spread the word to friends and family in your neighborhood, so the most accurate information can be gathered and analyzed for this potential project.  Without good feedback, the proper path cannot be determined for our community. 

Again, your involvement is appreciated! 

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Graves County Fiber  - Teena Coble

1:04am January 30, 2018

Teena Coble

I would love to have internet where I live out on Sanderson road. My computer is collecting dust brand new never been connected to internet. It would give us a lot more options as far as TV, antenna or being able to get Sling, Hulu, or even Netflix. My brother lives on 131 and has fiber optic! So bring it on.

Graves County Fiber  - Brock Morris

4:48pm August 24, 2017

Brock Morris

I have just purchased a home in Graves County. I have called AT&T, WKT, Zito, & Spectrum to get internet service and have been told by all that they do not serve my home. I live in a ring of no service area. We used the internet for college classes and leisure (gaming, surfing, & watching movies). Now to do homework for WKCTC college classes requires a trip to the college, library, or a friends home. It is very sad to be in the year 2017 and not be able to have internet. Please help to fix this situation.

Graves County Fiber  - Michael Whitt

5:31pm February 5, 2017

Michael Whitt

In the Symsonia area the DSL situation has been terrible for some time now. AT&T has been maxed out. Before I dropped DSL we were barely getting speeds of around 128kps. Finally we decided to do a Verizon Hotspot. The speeds range from 5-15Mbps for us. However the data cap is killing us. Even paying for the 60GB plan, often we have used our data up within a week, if not less. Between my daughter being addicted to YouTube and Musical. Ly, my wife taking some online classes, and me downloading very large patches for games it doesn't take much. Not to even mention the occasional Netflix or Amazon video. We just signed up for Satellite Internet to help some but still we will have way under 100GB of data for the month. Considering that some months we pay as much as a car payment it gets to be a headache. We have even thought about renting an office somewhere just to have decent Internet. At this point if we could get 20-50Mbps connection and at least a couple hundred GB of data, I don't think that I would question the price too much. When you have seriously considered moving to a new county just to get better Internet somethings wrong.

Graves County Fiber  - Matthew McKinney

9:34am January 30, 2017

Matthew McKinney

Please continue to spread the word for this project. Fiber to the Home is being deployed by Mayfield Electric and Water within city limits. WK&T has already completed Fiber to the Home for their normal service area of 5 miles out of city limits and farther in the county. Now, we are left with a void in broadband coverage in Graves County. The 5 mile or so stretch around Mayfield city limits has varied and limited connectivity, ranging from horrible satellite internet to pitifully slow AT&T DSL to slightly better cable internet from Zito Media. We need to remedy this situation. WK&T offers Fiber to the Home at speeds of 5Mbps all the way up to 1000 Mbps (1 Gigabit per second). The 5 mile stretch around Mayfield, KY NEEDS Fiber to the Home to remain competitive with everyone else. Please continue to spread the word to all of your friends and family!!! We are at 581 backers. There are about 4000 households in the county areas of Graves County that are without access to Fiber to the Home.

Graves County Fiber  - E W

1:03pm June 2, 2016


I consider this a critical need for my family. My father and mother are our neighbors. We built on the property my dad gave me and moved "home" from our previous residence in Tampa, Fl to be near family and provide the hometown support to our kids that I had growing up. The problem is that when we built on our property, we didn't realize that we could not get the Internet service my dad has next door. I am an online learning professional and I now work from home. Not only do we use the Internet for our learning and entertainment needs, but I also need it for my career. I work now out of my dad's old tax office next door so I can get "adequate" Internet. But the service and speeds are barely adequate. I feel strongly that we should have options here for our county residents, and no company should have a monopoly - especially if they cannot serve all of the residents of the area. Our public schools are striving to teach our children technology skills that will be absolutely necessary for their future. Families must be able to continue the learning and support from home. I will help to spread the word of this very important initiative. As a community, we need to understand the importance of this initiative. With jobs limited, and now minus one less educational choice nearby, we have to do what it takes to help our community thrive!

Graves County Fiber  - Brittany  Phillips

9:19pm May 12, 2016

Brittany Phillips

This would make everything better in my home. We have 2 PC gamers here, and we can hardly get by on what we do get. Paying $114 JUST for Internet from Time Warner and only getting 50 mb/s at best is laughable and sad. I am not getting what I am paying for.

Graves County Fiber  - Justin Mason

8:49pm May 12, 2016

Justin Mason

Please.... Please... Please bring fiber to Symsonia!!!

Graves County Fiber  - Daniel Graves

9:53am April 29, 2016

Daniel Graves

I currently reside in Hickory KY, just out of reach of WK&T Fiber services. Currently, I live in a newly constructed area of apartments and duplexes across from Hickory Baptist Church. There are 46 apartments/duplexes that have been recently constructed and NONE have access to internet providers except for satellite which is pretty pointless in my opinion. I guarantee that WK&T or ATT for that matter would benefit greatly from fiber in this area.

Graves County Fiber  - J Morris

5:45pm April 6, 2016

J Morris

I'm so glad to learn of this initiative to upgrade all of Graves County to fiber! AT&T will not provide service and Zito Media is way less than acceptable in the performance arena. The internet service connection infrastructure I currently have as well as others is over 35-40 years old. Zito is not going to upgrade even though they have raised prices many times in the last few years. I applaud and wish much success for this push to bring all of us into the 21st Century. It's about time for some competition in the internet provider services offered in Graves.

Graves County Fiber  - Brian Davidson

10:46pm April 3, 2016

Brian Davidson

I would love to have a better Internet option at my home. I am the last house on an AT&T line, and I am too far from the sub-station to receive DSL. I am currently paying an exorbitant amount of money for 30GB of data each month from Verizon. The speed is good, but I am not able to use Netflix or any other streaming services because of limited data. Thanks to whomever started this campaign. I hope it works!

Graves County Fiber  - Dana Noles

12:50pm April 1, 2016

Dana Noles

I feel very strongly about having high speed internet available to everyone. My house is located at the very end of the line for at&t and therefore absolutely useless internet connectivity. I am approximately 2 miles past where WK&T stops. Therefore I have been forced to go with satellite internet and we all know how that goes! Its horrible but still better than AT&T. My stepson has to stay at school so he can have consistent internet in order to do his school work. Our data is limited so we have to be careful.

Graves County Fiber  - Matthew McKinney

7:40pm March 29, 2016

Matthew McKinney

TO ALL BACKERS: Please share this to as many people as possible! The goal is to have 50% of households in the affected areas to sign up here on this site to show enough interest for the company to move forward with the project. There are many children in our affected areas who need broadband and do not have access to any wireline broadband. It is essential for education nowadays. Also, with the advent of social media and various video streaming options (Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, SlingTV, etc.), more speed (Mbps) is always being needed. I cannot stress to you enough how important it is that you get all of your neighbors in the affected areas to come to this page and sign up. Thanks for your support! Let's bring state-of-the-art fiber to the home (FTTH) to the rest of Graves County!

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