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Are you ready for greater access to

fiber-based Internet in Graves County?

We are using this website to gauge interest in a fiber network for portions of Graves County not 
currently served by fiber. Please use this form and let us know your interest!


Why fiber?

The Graves County Fiscal Court understands that fiber plays a vital role in the development of
our county. From economic development and small business growth to education and health
care, fiber is the key to helping our citizens stay competitive and enjoy a higher standard of
Not all areas of Graves County have such service, and we believe that should change.
Fiber is an important part of our future, and we want to see all of our citizens have the
opportunity to connect to a fiber network. This website will help us determine where the
interest lies in our county, and if such a project is feasible.

What can I do?

First, fill out the form, and your name will be added to a list of those interested in fiber
Internet service. Next, encourage your neighbors and family members in Graves County to do the
same. Talk with them about this upgrade and help raise interest, enthusiasm and support for the
project. This is an exciting time in the life of Graves County. Be part of this story and register
your interest today!

How would the Graves County

government make this happen?

Building and operating a fiber network requires a tremendous amount of work, expense and
expertise. We are exploring an opportunity to partner with WK&T Telecommunications. This
Mayfield-based cooperative successfully took on one of the largest fiber network construction
projects in the country and brought advanced fiber services to thousands of our citizens.
WK&T would be an ideal partner in extending such service throughout Graves County.


What are the benefits of fiber?

Fiber means a faster connection than basic Internet service. It provides truly unlimited access
and allows households to run multiple high-bandwidth devices at the same time. Your spouse
can be streaming movies on the TV while you upload all of your vacation photos to your favorite
photo-sharing site — all while the kids are connected with friends on their gaming devices. You
can do this, and more, simultaneously — all with no effect on speed or the quality of your HD
movie stream.
Beyond the home, fiber can connect businesses, industrial parks, hospitals, physician offices,
schools, libraries, government agencies and more, giving the public greater access to high
levels of service through advanced technology.

Does fiber impact home values?

According to the Fiber to the Home Council, adding a fiber connection increases a home’s value
by up to $7,000.