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5:31PM February 05, 2017

Michael Whitt

In the Symsonia area the DSL situation has been terrible for some time now. AT&T has been maxed out. Before I dropped DSL we were barely getting speeds of around 128kps. Finally we decided to do a Verizon Hotspot. The speeds range from 5-15Mbps for us. However the data cap is killing us. Even paying for the 60GB plan, often we have used our data up within a week, if not less. Between my daughter being addicted to YouTube and Musical. Ly, my wife taking some online classes, and me downloading very large patches for games it doesn't take much. Not to even mention the occasional Netflix or Amazon video. We just signed up for Satellite Internet to help some but still we will have way under 100GB of data for the month. Considering that some months we pay as much as a car payment it gets to be a headache. We have even thought about renting an office somewhere just to have decent Internet. At this point if we could get 20-50Mbps connection and at least a couple hundred GB of data, I don't think that I would question the price too much. When you have seriously considered moving to a new county just to get better Internet somethings wrong.