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1:03PM June 02, 2016


I consider this a critical need for my family. My father and mother are our neighbors. We built on the property my dad gave me and moved "home" from our previous residence in Tampa, Fl to be near family and provide the hometown support to our kids that I had growing up. The problem is that when we built on our property, we didn't realize that we could not get the Internet service my dad has next door. I am an online learning professional and I now work from home. Not only do we use the Internet for our learning and entertainment needs, but I also need it for my career. I work now out of my dad's old tax office next door so I can get "adequate" Internet. But the service and speeds are barely adequate. I feel strongly that we should have options here for our county residents, and no company should have a monopoly - especially if they cannot serve all of the residents of the area. Our public schools are striving to teach our children technology skills that will be absolutely necessary for their future. Families must be able to continue the learning and support from home. I will help to spread the word of this very important initiative. As a community, we need to understand the importance of this initiative. With jobs limited, and now minus one less educational choice nearby, we have to do what it takes to help our community thrive!