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2:58PM April 18, 2016

With any major community project, citizen involvement is often the most important element.  That is no different with the Graves County Fiber Initiative. Before an undertaking of this scope and size can even get off the ground, the assessment of need has to be determined and strongly considered.  That is the very reason this site was created to begin with.

And since the launch of this site, many of you have come to the table and said your current broadband service is not adequate to serve you and your family's needs.  We are very thankful to have heard from so many of you.  There are hundreds still out there that probably feel the same way as you.  The problem is, we haven't heard from them yet, and we really need to if we hope to see this project become a reality. 

That's where you come in.  Keep in mind, there is no advertising budget to help get the word out.  There aren't any other petitions floating around either.   There is simply this site and the people that know about it.  More specifically, the people that feel strongly Graves County needs fast, reliable broadband in areas that is currently underserved.  If that's you, will you make an effort to share this site with people you know feel the same way?  That is the only way fiber will expand in our county. 

Set a personal goal of sharing this information with at least three people this week that might not yet know about this site.  Encourage them to get involved with the future of our county, and the promise of a fiber-based broadband service that will keep us connected with the rest of the world.  Together we can make a real difference.

Join the Conversation

8:34AM March 31, 2016

The response so far has been great.  As of this morning, we are nearing 200 backers already, which is more than expected this early in the process.   A special thanks goes out to everyone that has got involved so far. 

If you notice, at the top of the page, there is a comments section.  We would love to hear how strongly some of you feel about the potential of an expansion of fiber in Graves County.  The more discussion we have, the better we can gauge the pulse of our community as we continue to explore the prospects of this project. 

Thanks again for getting involved and being heard! 

Your Feedback is Important

2:03PM March 28, 2016

The Graves County Fiscal Court recognizes there is some limitation to Internet connectivity in portions of Graves County. Residents and business owners have helped us to understand the need to explore the feasibility of working with WK&T to expand their fiber optic infrastructure to these outlying areas.

The Fiscal Court members and WK&T have been working together over the past few months to explore this feasibility. Through this collaboration, we have established this website to gather information. By answering the questions and submitting your information, we will better understand the current capacity and the future needs for broadband connectivity. As our business partners in Graves County, and certainly users of the service, we see you as critical stakeholders in this effort. We greatly value your input into this process.

Thanks for your involvement!

9:23AM March 28, 2016

If you're here, you must be interested in fiber for Graves County.  Thank you for your interest.  Be sure to spread the word to friends and family in your neighborhood, so the most accurate information can be gathered and analyzed for this potential project.  Without good feedback, the proper path cannot be determined for our community. 

Again, your involvement is appreciated!